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Peace Corps Volunteers help build clinics in villages, put books in schools, and improve access to nutritious food. Give today and help support projects like these.

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The Gift of Vision

Three-year-old Lupita had been nearly blind for all of her young life. While there was a surgery that could restore her vision, her family did not have the money to pay for it. It was children like Lupita who inspired Peace Corps Volunteer Matt Pickler ...

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Women & Gender

A Shelter for Families

The staff at the Haven for Women and Girls--a shelter for Filipino women who have experienced gender-based violence--knew that many of the women who needed their help were not alone: They often had young children who needed care, too. This was true ...

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Empowering a Classroom

Elisenia is a first-year English teacher in a small town in southern Panama. She and one other teacher here are responsible for teaching English to 170 primary school students. They teach without a dedicated classroom or any permanent place to keep ...

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